Professional Services
- Commercial Agriculture -

- Grain Storage and Processing -

- Livestock Facilities -

- Farm and Ranch -​
  1. Professionally Licensed
  2. Design Services
    - Reinforced concrete foundations for grain bins, processing mills, large commercial buildings, grain handling equipment, retaining walls - Steel and wood framed building design - Livestock handling facilities and equipment - Grain handling and storage - Hydraulic system design - Machine design/modification
  3. Testing Services
    - Data acquisition and processing - PID and fuzzy logic control - Selection of proper instrumentation - Software programming using National Instruments LabView
  4. Why contact a Professional Engineer?
    Nebraska state law requires that any building that will exceed the square footage defined in the Engineers and Architects Regulation Act must be designed by an architect and/or professional engineer. This includes agricultural buildings, barns, carports, fences more than 6 feet high, grain silos, greenhouses, livestock shelters, private garages, retaining walls, sheds, stables, and tanks. Preparation of plans required for the permitting process must include a seal, the design professional's signature, and date. Failure to obtain the proper seal may delay the start of your project.